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Surgical Masks & PPE

Made in the USA to reduce the spread of airborne viruses

Now Shipping to all 50 states

The Next Line of Defense


3 Layers of Protection

3-ply medical grade masks reduce the possibility of the user inhaling or spreading airborne contaminants.


Fits the Shape of Your Face

Aluminum nosepiece maintains shape when formed to face and is fully enclosed for comfort. Soft-stretch loops will not pull or irritate the ears.


Effective Filtering of Particles

Meets current ASTM F2100 safety standards with a high bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of greater than 95% and PFE 99.7% at 0.1 micron. 


Stay Prepared & Protected

We're all in this together. We must each do our part to flatten the curve by wearing face masks, social distancing, and frequently washing our hands.